The Dreamer Desk Set

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Keep dreaming and reaching for your goals all day long with gorgeous stationery to help keep you inspired and on task!
The Dreamer Desk Set includes:
  • Weekly Agenda Planner in grey
  • To-Do Notepad
  • 6 handmade paper note cards inspired by nature

What You Can Expect

Minimal & Intentional

Designed with a busy life in mind.
Easily keep up on your self-care routine with minimal time commitment and intentional promts.

You Will Feel

More Positive Mindset
Increased Focus and Clarity
Reduced Stress and Anxiety
Higher Productivity
Improved Physical Health

Premium Quality

Handmade with love
Crafted locally
Ethically sourced high quality paper

My Story

self-discovery with

A Daily Pause

notepads, journals and notebooks

Gorgeous quality

Hand Crafted For You

Regain Power With Positive Thinking

Our journals are a direct creation from Jen's journey with anxiety and how she has learned to use journaling as a tool to help her grow and overcome negative thought patterns and stress. Our mission with our journals is to help and inspire others who may be going through the same struggles. 

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