3 Reasons You Should Practice Journaling

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Journaling can make a big impact on our lives when practiced regularly. If you think about it, we interpret our lives by the stories we tell ourselves. This is why it's so important to understand how each and every thought impacts our overall lives.


For me, journaling is a tool to help me get back on track when I feel off center. Maybe it was a bad day or a negative thought that popped into my head. No matter what it may be, writing it down and processing that thought helps me process why I feel "off." More often than not, writing down my feelings helps me pinpoint the reason I feel off center so I can develop a plan to get back on track. By doing this, I am able to cultivate a happier and healthier life. 


Here are 3 reasons how journaling can impact your life:

Reason #1 to Journal 

Journaling can cultivate a healthier and happier lifestyle. Routinely writing down things we are grateful for helps spark positive emotions that we can carry with us throughout the day. As a result, we become happier overall which leads to many health benefits! 

Reason #2 to Journal 

Journaling can help you connect with your self-narrative and automatic thoughts. By understanding the thoughts in your head, you will intentionally allow yourself to see the story your thoughts are feeding you. From there, you can digest your thoughts to help shift a negative narrative to a more positive one. The act of doing this will reinforce a habit of positive self-talk and will help you rewrite your narrative to be more helpful and empowering in your life. 

Reason #3 to Journal 

Journaling can help you feel more connected to your world. By writing things down, you are creating a story - your story. Looking back on that story from an external perspective will help you feel connected to those feelings, experiences and memories in a new way. 

Now, it's your turn:


Take a seat and get comfortable. 

Open your journal. 

See what comes out. 


Spark a journaling routine by picking out a journal that speaks to you. We have a wide selection of journals and guided journals to choose from. Click here to browse each of our journals. 

I can’t wait to hear how journaling impacts your life!