Functionality paired with beautiful design is our goal at JSD

When we were designing our stationery line, the two elements that mattered most were functionality and beautiful design. I wanted our stationery line to fulfill a need for the user: organization, a great spot to create a list, or a journal to focus on positivity while also inspiring them with beautiful design each time they use it.

I know when I am looking to purchase an item it is usually to serve a purpose and to fulfill a need that I have at that time. If I can find a piece that fulfills that need and also uses quality materials, has beautiful design and does not break the bank; I know that will be the winner for me. 

When we received these 4 start reviews on Etsy for our notepads, I knew we had met our goal: 

These reviews told me that our customers were experiencing the same elements I was and that our stationery had met the key elements I was aiming for:

Functionality: It will stay right on your refrigerator and be there whenever you need it. No more searching all over the house for that shopping list you created the other day.

Good Design: Inspired by clean, minimal and ethereal elements. 

Quality Materials: A true handmade paper, each one unique with gorgeous deckled egdes. Luxe, thick pages that feel good to the touch. High quality printing and beautiful craftsmanship that can only mean it has been handmade with love.

I hope our stationery is able to inspire and fulfill these goals for you as well!