Inspired Journal Covers

Hello Friend!

We have some exciting things going on over here! Get ready for some new products and color options coming your way! The first to launch last week were our new letterpress lined journal covers. Did you get a chance to take a look at them?

Beautiful Thoughts - Created to inspire and motivate you to write down all of your inspirations, goals, and beautiful thoughts, of course! Pick a few days each week that you will write, link it with another habit like exercise or a morning or evening routine to help you stick with it. Allow yourself the time to get quiet and just write. See what comes out.

 Insights  Journal - We kept this one simple, clean and tonal on a deep navy cover. It is meant for all of your positive energy and insights. Insights are an important piece of wisdom you receive from your inner self that usually helps you see something from a new level of understanding. You probably know it as your gut feeling, when you are in "the zone" or an amazing idea that just “came to you” when you weren’t expecting it.

 Little Things - Designed as a reminder to slow down and enjoy the beauty that is all around you. You have so many amazing things going on in your life every day if you allow yourself to slow down enough to see them.

Which journal will you choose?