Let's take a look at printing methods and paper options.

I am excited to give you a closer look at printing methods and paper options to see how they can change your invitation look.

Cotton Paper
Has a beautiful hand feel and is built specifically for letterpress. It is made from pillowy cotton fibers so it will create the best "push" when letterpress printing to get a super deep impression. It comes in a nice 110lb, 1ply thickness or a super thick 220lb or 2ply thickness. The 220lb is pictured above and we use it often on the invitation piece.

Handmade Paper
We use a true handmade paper created from recycled t-shits. No hand tearing or fake imposters here; we use the real deal. It is actually handmade which gives it those fluffy deckled edges (rough, torn looking edges) and that perfectly imperfect touch. It has such a beautiful old world and romantic ethereal feel.

Letterpress Printing
This is the oldest form of printing and is done by a plate making process on a large vintage machine. It gives you that beautiful pillowy "push" in the paper which is what letterpress is known for. It works best with one and two color designs and is the way to go if you are looking for a more formal / traditional style invitation suite.

Foil Printing
The process for this method is similar to letterpress where a plate is created and then pushed into the paper to stamp the foil onto the paper. Instead of using ink, they use a foil ribbon so you get a shiny, mirror effect. You can create so many great effect with foil, especially on colored paper like the invitation above.

Flat Print or Digital Print
This printing method is best for 4 color process printing which is printing multiple colors like photos. The print is flush to the paper and not raised or indented like other printing methods. It is also the most popular printing method because it is quick and cost effective. Unlike letterpress and foil there is no plate making process involved and maintenance and set up times are minimal.


That is your quick lesson on paper and printing methods!
Please reach out to us if you would like to set up a meeting or order samples to see these options in person. As always, let us know if you have any questions, we are always excited to hear from you!

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