Live the Good Life Show with Sabrina Wright // The power of Journaling

The power of journaling to overcome anxiety

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In the podcast, we talk about the power of journaling and how you can use it to create a new positive habit. We go over how journaling changed my whole outlook on my obsticals and helped me to be conscious and proactive about my anxiety. 

- Writing in a journal everyday helps to get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper so you can see it, read it, and look at it from a different perspective.

- It helps you to record information so you can refer back to it. The first page in our "Happiness Journal" is a spot for you to set your mantra's, goals and intentions so you can stay on track throughout the year. Look back on this page when you are feeling off center and need to reground.

- It helps you to get in the habit of thinking positive. Bringing those positive thoughts to the forefront everyday reinforces them so you start consciously searching them out and thinking about them more.

-After repeating that process for multiple weeks, you will start to see your new habit shine through. You start to look for the good and the positive aspect in things over the negative.

- You can then go back through your journal and see the proof of how you have grown and created your new habit. You can relive those happy moments that may have been lost otherwise.

-This will help you to create a more positive and happy memory base and will help you to favor those positive thoughts over the negative ones.

- It also helps you to analyze and bring negative thoughts into reality for that they are, just a negative thought. Our Just Breathe journal is a great tool for this.

- Ask yourself: How bad is it really? Once it is on paper, it is a lot less overwhelming or scary than when you are ruminating and making it bigger and bigger in your head.

- It allows you to see it and say, what can I do right now to help fix this or alleviate the situation?

- It allows you to restructure the thought into a more positive or helpful thought. That way you can put a positive light on the situation and see how you can benefit from it.

This is something anyone can do, it is quick, easy and you will start to see the effects right away. The key to bing happy is all in your mindset. 

I will end with my favorite quote:

what you think
what you feel
what you imagine


With love and gratitude,


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