My current POV

Current POV:

Slowing down and creating boundaries is an intentional shift. Being aware of what makes you feel the best and not just trying to take on as much work as possible is growth and will create sustainability for the long run. 


I am sure you have noticed that Jen Simpson Design has taken a shift from only creating wedding invitations to offering more products. Journaling and sharing knowledge about mental health and personal wellbeing has had a huge impact on my growth journey and it makes my heart fill up with joy knowing that I can share that same inspiration with others through the paper products we make.


After working in a very fast paced custom project environment for over 10 years, the pandemic hit and halted our thriving business pretty much instantly. Jobs were put on hold or canceled leaving us with no income and no idea as to when our business would come back to life again. Through this challenge came a new path, one that I felt good in and that made others feel good as well. We took that opportunity and ran with it and now we have a full line of guided journals and stationery products that I am so proud to share with the world.


In the hectic space of custom clients and taking on as many projects as possible comes high tension and emotional levels. When you are running at that pace for multiple years in a row, something is going to give. Burn out was inevitable. Over the past 2 years, shifting my focus and setting clear boundaries has been the answer to my burn out. Slowing down by being more selective in who our custom clients are, setting timelines on projects and also making a shift to having a product side of our business have been my solution and savior. It has allowed me more time to create product pieces that I love, enjoy the process of working with custom clients again and to spend more time with my family. 


I used to think that happiness was measured by how well my business was doing; it consumed me. I needed to be in grind mode at all times, constantly doing and achieving more in order to be happy. But with this shift I have learned that my well being and the happiness of my family is what I should have been focusing on. 


I am still in this season and feel like I am growing and learning a little more everyday about ways I can make our business experience and personal life even better through these concepts. But the great thing is, it is the journey and not the destination that should be cherished. Knowing this and starting every day with wide eyes and excitement is what keeps my fire glowing.