Starting your day with intention and inspiration

Hi Friends!

I love those days when I am excited to start my work. I have exciting things on my plate and I can’t wait to jump in. But those exciting things are not plain to my eye everyday and sometimes I need a motivator to get me going. This can come in many different forms. Some people prefer to start their day with a workout to jump start their energy, a meditation to clear their mind. I love both and think they are a great morning routine to get you going and ready for the day. But on top of that, another tool I have found super helpful to inspired and ready for the day is list making and writing things down. That way everything I want to do is out of my head and on paper where I can see it and I won’t forget. It also helps me to prioritize and not get overwhelmed by all of the days activities that are floating around in my head.

You can do this by keeping a wellness journal that lists your gratitude and inspirations for the day and also helps to keep track of your daily wellness to support a healthy lifestyle. And you can also use a daily or weekly agenda to list out all of your priorities and to-do’s in one spot in order of importance so you can clearly see them and check them off when they are complete. (This is the best feeling in my mind, I love checking those little boxes after I have completed a task on my list, it just feels so good.) :) We also have a special spot on our agendas for inspiration which I hold near and dear to my heart. My main motivation as a creative business owner is inspiration. When I feel inspired I feel alive with purpose and excitement. It keeps me hungry and wanting to push harder and further at my craft. Sometimes these inspirations just come to me, but sometimes, I need to search deeper and pull them out.

I created a special spot on our agenda planners just for inspirations; that way you can consciously think about them, write them down, and have them in a spot where you can easily see them everyday and be reminded of the motivation behind what you are putting your energy towards. I hope our journals, notebooks and notepads are able to give you the same outlet that it has given me to stay inspired, organized, and thriving at your craft and wellness journey.