• reprogram your brain and create a positive habit
  • aleviate anxiety and stress by putting thoughts into perspective
  • incorperate self-care and positivity into your daily routine
  • call attention to the positive aspects of your life to keep them in the forefront

"Exactly what I was looking for as a daily jour-nal, to jot down thoughts in a structured easy to use manner. The presentation is beautiful. Great paper quality. This would make a great gift as well!!"

- Laura Ullrich on Apr 06, 2021

Our collection was created by Jen after she learned how to use journaling as a tool to help with her own anxiety and stress

"Journaling helped me to grow and to understand how to take care of myself, to turn my throughts around, focus on the good and stay positive."

Easy to use

Our journals have an intentional layout that is

  • straightforward and simple, not overwhelming
  • quick and to the point, it takes less than 5 minutes a day
  • streamlined prompt pages and a blank page to doodle

My SO has been battle a bout of anxiety, and I've looking for ways to help him be more mindful. A lot of the tools I was able to find included a lot of bells and whistles and flourishes which I knew he was not really drawn to. I really liked how sleek this journal look, and how straight-forward each daily review was. I've found him using it almost every night this week now, and am really happy I've been able to find a useful tool to support the two of us. :) thanks for this simple and beautiful journal!

Araya King on Feb 14, 2021

To say this book is beautiful is an understatement! Simple. Encouraging. Beautifully laid out. I'm so glad I discovered it just before my birthday to help me change my focus to a more positive outlook.

Heather Wolf on Jan 30, 2021

I have been battling a cynical attitude as I work in the medical field and am exhausted. I need an outlet and to change the way I react to situations. This is exactly what I need to get my journey started. It looks just like the photos. The pages are nice and sturdy card stock paper. I did choose to have it customized and my name in calligra-phy is just beautiful. I can't wait to turn my life around, especially with everything going on in the world! Thank you!

Orchdork20 Frami on Jan 19, 2021

Incorporate self-care and positivity into your daily routine