How to use a gratitude journal

Ready to get started using a gratitude journal?
We have made up some helpful tips to make keep you inspired
and help your new habit grow!

Decide when you are going to journal. Our Happiness Journal is set up perfectly to incorporate into your evening routine while the Flourish and Breathe Journals can be done at any time of the day. Incorporating your journaling into a morning routine with a nice cup of tea or before or after a workout will help you stick with your new habit.

How many days of the week will you journal? We suggest to journal at least 3 days a week to get the best benefit out of your journaling. The Happiness Journal is created for a daily routine. It is quick and easy to fill out to keep you motivated and to not loose interest. The Flourish journal may take you a little longer per entry so you might not do it every day.

What to write in your journal? When you are going through the prompts, it is great practice to also write about why you are grateful for the things you list as well as think about how the good parts of your day and inspirations make you feel. Those details are the most important as that is what will connect the feeling of gratitude and intention to your journaling and reinforce those positive thoughts.

Go back and read your journal. The first page of prompts in the Happiness Journal are meant to be a reminder of your intentions for the year and to show the mindset you started in so you can see how your progress evolves. It is also great to go back and re-live those happy feelings and memories you recorded.

Save your journal forever! What you are creating is a beautiful journey of your happiness and gratitude. Not only is it an exercise to be come a more positive thinker but it is a keepsake of the happy events and feelings from your life.

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback!
We want to hear from you and about your new gratitude journey.